The Passion of Living in a Fearless Body | Dominique Sire

What passion might you feel when living fully in all of your body, mind & heart? How could we distinguish mind with heart experiences, balancing emotions and feelings for a clear path forward, not fearing your fears, freeing up this emotional energy to be fully human. Dominique Sire links practical observation for fully passionate people.

Dominique Sire teaches the counterpart of “the power of positive thinking” leading each person to experience the inherent greatness of being human, mastering the landscape of their inner lives. For over two decades, Dominique has created acclaimed workshops and private sessions for thousands of clients around the world, igniting in them the courage to discover the passion of living in a fearless body. She’s worked with domestic violence victims at the Alameda County Family Justice Center; and reveals for business people the “powerful communicator within.” Dominique uses the language of the body to identify the unconscious, internal blocks and limitations that run our lives. She goes to the heart of the emotions that can adversely affect each person’s ability to feel fully alive, helping them uncover the core of their excellence and leadership. She awakens us to an unlimited human potential, a divine intelligence that is different yet equal to the power of the mind. Fearless.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at