Wildflowers | Alex Woodard

Trauma, it’s not the last loss. How does trauma propel authentic selfless creativity? Minstrel Alex Woodard writes songs for senders of letters of loss.

Alex Woodard is musician who has toured nationally behind three critically acclaimed albums. He now turns his head and heart toward For The Sender book series, features stories of loss, exposing the beautiful things that arise from PTSD. Alex encourages doing something beautiful and empowering with emotional burdens. His idea runs counter to the message from the media about people who have suffered from trauma, of any kind, portrayed as victims with a disorder. He believes there are beautiful things that these people are doing in the wake of their tragedies to help not only themselves, but the world. Alex Woodard’s dream of having Springsteen on speed-dial and selling millions of records evaporated one empty, haunting night in a hotel room in Chicago. He soon discovered that what he was supposed to be doing was something bigger and more beautiful than he ever could have dreamed. When he’s not surfing in his beach town north of San Diego, Alex lives with a big dog and two bigger horses.

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