NOD: No Off Days | Jon Kedrowski

Do you have no off days? The values of world class mountain climber, Dr. Jon Kedrowski, reveal a relentless pursuit of excellence. From dying climbers to avalanches to eathquakes, Jon retains focus while summitting with excruciatingly exhiliarating precision. Mountain top nap anyone?

Jon Kedrowski combines his hobbies as a mountain geographer, ski-mountaineer, alpinist and author to create a life of perpetuating inspiration. In the wake of his many successful books and expeditions is the underlying message of how anyone can accomplish anything they want, if only they set their mind to it. However, his isn’t a cliché address; rather, he fully accepts that in order to be successful one has to fully embrace being uncomfortable at some level, while still charging forward. He believes that in the end, realizing the value of the journey is more important than the summit, being on the summit is momentary. In addition to climbing Mount Everest, he’s known for sleeping on the summits of mountains all over the world. Facing fears, setting goals, teamwork and tackling the Everest in your own everyday lives are lessons he’s learned from the mountains. He wonders, “How can I apply the N.O.D. Philosophy to the youth?” His breath-stealing images of mountains are sublime.

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