Our Team (Old)

Kat Haber – Curator/Speaker Coach Kat seeks the unXpected solution, migrating from Alaska, California, and Colorado, spicing up conversations with TED ideas. She skis feverishly, laughs generously, and is a can-doing-life-long-learner. She was a cadet at USAFA ’77-’80. TEDxVail is her “Happy Place” project. She’s organized dozens of TEDx’s, a global social movement of more than 18,000 events and one billion views. Her leading edge is connecting networks for global impact. She is the Charter President of WE Rotary. Kat serves WILD Foundation Board, convener of the World Wilderness Congresses. She is an affinity rep for HaberVision.com. A Climate Reality Leader, Kat cross-countried 3,000 miles in 2014 from LA to DC in an eight-month-long quest for climate justice. She slept under big old trees, collected seeds, and facilitated community collaborations. She loves her families and the places they take her. Britten – Artist In Residence There is no separation between Britten’s life as an artist and her personal life. Life and her paintbrush effuse endless possibilities as she explores boundless creativity and new perspectives. As an accomplished and globally collected, contemporary artist, she views life as her greatest masterpiece and strives to inspire others to do the same. Ashley Cawthorn – Producer Ashley moved to the Vail Valley almost five years ago. Like most, she planned to stay for just a winter but stayed for every summer and winter after that. It wasn’t just the fun activities, après ski and adventure that kept this 24-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina tucked away in the Rockies; it was the Vail community. Ashley has been a driven member of the community and today she is the program and development manager for the Vail Symposium, a 45-year-old nonprofit here in Vail, Colorado. It was this position that motivated her to take on the role as the producer for TEDxVail. With a background in  event management and general operations, she is inspired to continue her education every day and is excited to bring a Revolutionary Xperience to the Vail Valley John O’Neill – Director of Marketing Born in Vail and raised in Edwards, John has called the Vail Valley home for 26 years. He lives out nearly all that this world class locale has to offer as an avid outdoor sportsman, food enthusiast and frequent audience member to a great number of the breathtaking events hosted every year in Vail. However, John’s great passion is not only to practice the mountain lifestyle, but to share in it with his fellow locals and visitors alike. He works as the marketing director for the Vail Sympsosium, a 45-year nonprofit that organizes diverse thought-provoking programs in winter and summer. It was his continued intellectual curiosity following graduation from Colorado State University’s School of Journalism in 2011 that first drew him to the Vail Symposium for its breadth and depth of programs. It is that same curiosity, combined with the spirit of sharing in a unique Vail experience, that steered him into leading the marketing efforts for what promises to be an unforgettable event at TEDxVail in 2017. Carly Arnold – Design Manager Carly Arnold is a designer and illustrator living in Edwards, Colorado. Her passion for outdoor activities and photography brought her to the Vail Valley 5 years ago. She has spent the majority of her career designing magazines for mountain towns, incorporating painting and hand-lettering into her designs. She recently started her own business, Carly Arnold Creative, where she focuses on branding and identity, typography and illustration. Her work ranges from Arcade Fire show posters to Liquid Force shirts and board shorts. Her favorite days are the ones spent painting outside with a beautiful mountain view. Brent Drever – Speaker Coach Brent Drever is considered a leading authority in business improvement strategies who has trained and coached thousands of business leaders since the late 1990s. He has excelled as a leader in large organizations, including serving as a Group Executive for a Fortune 500 company. He has also thrived as an entrepreneur, having created Acuity Institute, a highly successful global education company for business professionals. Brent’s inspiration comes from encouraging and supporting others to live their lives in alignment with their highest values and priorities. Sasha Marks – Speaker Concierge Sasha Marks, speaker concierge for TEDxVail 2017, uses her organizational skills from her data analysis days in biotech to coordinate information for the speakers from candidacy to the stage. This is Sasha’s second year volunteering with TEDxVail, first year as speaker concierge, and is grateful to have a behind-the-scenes seat to watch as the process evolves over the year.