TEDxVail 2016

Session 1: Naturally, Global. Are you a protector…like a mother bear with her cubs? Your biggest concern is making sure the nature you love is protected, preserved, and well taken care of all around the globe. You treasure your inner lands, waters and wilds — from the birds in your backyard to the iconic Larkspur Bowl of Beaver Creek – then show up early for Naturally, Global. Network your way through changemaking, feminine leadership, global crowdsourcing tech, and genomics. • Roger Holstein, CEO Healthgrades • Harley K. DuBois, Burning Man Co-Founder • Stephan A. Schwartz, Changemaking Researcher & Author Session 2: Naturally, Grateful! Are you peaceful and calm…like an owl at night? Nature is where you go to meditate, clear your mind, and get back to basics. Xplore these speakers’ stunning gratitudes in Naturally, Grateful! Compassions prevail with musical seeking, privileged speaking, teen wisdom sharing, and the toughest yet: Mommying. • Trista Sutter, Bachelorette & mom • Peyton Palermo, Teen Overcoming Adversity • Local Middle School Students • Amy Ben-Horin, Co-Founder: Ute Springs Experiential Learning Center • Melissa Stockwell, Wounded Warrior and Para-athlete • Seth Glier Trio, Performer and Grammy Nominated Artist Session 3: Naturally, Sustainable… Are you curious and curiouser…like inventors at play? Does your innate sense of wonder mean you’ll never get sick of seeking answers to nature’s big questions? If you want to preserve the mysteries of health and intricacies of nature — from the towering glaciers to the simple sophistication of a spider’s web … then stir your curiosity with Naturally, Sustainable…with fresh health concepts, and nurturers in nature. • Dr. Lauren Bramley, Health Diagnostician • Justin Bogardus, Filmmaker and Psychotherapist • J.P. Canlis, Glass Artist • Daniel Pohnke, Songwriter and Performer Session 4: Naturally, Xtreme Are you or would you like to be wild and free…like an eagle in flight? Would we be hard pressed to find you sitting in one place for too long? Do you like to roam, play, run around in the great outdoors? Then stick around for Naturally, Xtreme • Chris Anthony, Professional Skier and Youth Inspirer • Dr. Ira Helfand, Physicians for Social Responsibility • Walker William Mackey, Paralpinism Athlete • Jared Paul, Writer, Performance Artist and Organizer