Michael Boidy

Session: Science: Passions & Protons

Talk Title: Heart Beat: healing through sound community and dance.

“Everything in life is vibration” – Albert Einstein. The uni-verse literally means one song. “The universe is a symphony and we are its instruments”.

Mike discovered a genuine love for film very early in his accomplished career. While graduating from San Diego State University’s film program, Mike shot everything he could train a lens on. True passion played a starring role as he honed multiple talents. Today, that same passion shines bright whether he’s operating the camera or lighting the scene. Mike soon became an apprentice of several industry veterans. The first mentor was David Stump, ASC and the next was Peter McKernan, DGA, Aerial Film Pilot. Both were kind enough to share their film business experiences and impart insightful knowledge. These partnerships helped shape the solutions-based work ethic Mike applies to every project. Mike has worked alongside some of the top producers, directors, and cinematographers in TV and film. Moving and still, he’s captured stunning images from all around the globe. One of Mike’s specialties is shooting aerial footage. Major works include National Geographic’s “Great Migrations” documentary, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, plus the Ecuador, Israel, and Mexico episodes of “The Royal Tour” documentary series. Mike’s versatile abilities represent film, HD, infrared, Vista Vision, IMAX, and aerial gyro-stabilized camera systems. He’s equally at ease with an eye on the viewfinder, operating a remote camera from within a helicopter, perched in the Director’s chair for a feature film, and even troubleshooting advanced equipment. Mike’s rare, in-demand skillset empowers him to transform otherwise ordinary scenes into mesmerizing visuals. These days, Mike is shooting, directing, and producing a feature-length documentary about the healing power of sound entitled Heart Beat www.heartbeatdocumentary.com

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