Know Your Numbers | Lauren Bramley, MD | TEDxVail

As a doctor of clinical medicine, Dr. Bramley concludes that the greatest tool for health is knowing your numbers so that you can make informed decisions by monitoring 4 key biomarkers for optimal health, well-being and appearance.

Many go through batteries of laboratory testing for routine health checks, life insurance physicals, or to investigate disease biomarkers. Often measured yet not acted upon to optimize health, discover these 4 key numbers and their impact on your health.

Empower yourself, know your numbers.

Dr. Lauren Bramley is the founder of a Hong Kong-based multidisciplinary medical practice providing complete health and wellness. She spent the last ten years focused on anti-ageing medicine, endocrinology and helping athletes achieve peak performance. Dr Bramley’s new clinic in Whistler, BC, Canada allows her to focus on her other passion, alpine skiing.

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