Lana Gollyhorn

Childhood is Not A Checklist
"Don’t put off happiness until adulthood - you have this incredible,
irreplaceable time, why waste it on something that is not authentically you?"

Willa Healey

The Great Price Precipice
"The change so many need is only going to be able to happen when the people it has no effect on decide their cause is worthy of support."

Ella Dunn

Confrontation of Our Communication “The basis of pubic speaking is communication that is fundamentally apart of who we are as humans."

Robye Nothnagel

"I hit her windshield because she was looking at her phone. Her choice to drive distracted changed my life forever."

Lilly Reynolds

Vaping: Lets get Buzzed
“I can’t just sit around though, and do nothing, watching half of us face the potential of life-long addiction.”

Thomas Singleton

Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
“Do something everyday that scares you, even if its just for 30 seconds.”

Ella Srholez

Art of Vulnerability
"From feeling alone to unsure of how to heal, anyone touched by these traumas can become victims of the loneliness epidemic."