Team TEDxYouth@Vail

  TED With info                 TEDxYouth@Vail Team Troy Rindone – Organizer | Curator    Marika Fedushack – Organizer | Curator | Speaker Coach    Maggie Skidmore – Organizer | Curator    Aleria Favela Cano – Director of Production    Davis Krueger – Stage Director  My name is Davis Krueger, and I am 14 years old. I live in Edwards, Colorado with my parents, sister, and my dog Tess. I am a Freshman at Battle Mountain High School. I enjoy math and science classes. At Battle Mountain High School, I participated in cross country last fall, nordic skiing in the winter, and I am going to run track in the spring. I am interested in the outdoors, hunting big game, fly fishing, and backpacking through the Rockies. I like to spend time on the weekends at my family’s cabin in Toponas.  I am part of Battle Mountain High School’s Student Council, Best Buddies mentor program, and Eagle River Youth Leadership Council.   Camilla Petterson – Stage Design Director    My name is Camilla Petterson. I am a senior at Eagle Valley High School and have lived in the Vail Valley since I was born (1999). I love being outside; skiing, hiking, adventuring, camping, being in the ocean or at a lake, and traveling. I also enjoy playing/listening to music, partaking in social activities, and being around my friends/family. Soccer is a huge part of my life; I have played since before I can remember. I also recently picked up hockey and have fallen in love with the sport. I like working with young kids, teaching piano or helping out in the classroom. I participate in Student Council, Devil Buddies, National Honors Society, and various community service projects. I plan on attending college in the Fall of 2017 yet am still undecided as to which school. I look forward to exploring the beauties of the world and expanding my horizons!   Ricky Avila – Stage Design Director    Clarie Krueger – Events Director My name is Claire Krueger and I am a sophomore at Battle Mountain High School. I am involved in Student Council, Eagle River Youth Coalition- Youth Leaders Council, and best buddies. I play basketball and soccer for the high school team and am very passionate about sports. I love to be in the outdoors and be with my family and friends. I love to learn, travel to new places, and see the different cultures. I like to be involved in my community and get to know many people! I decided to be involved with TedxYouth@Vail because I thought the idea was spectacular and that being apart of this special event would be a great experience!   Sophia Minar – Event Director I am Sophia Minar, a 16 year old living in a beautiful mountain town in Colorado. I have a strong love not only for my community but for many places that surround me. Travel is something that influences in a lot of the things I do and I find my self working all year so that in the summer I can afford to go to amazing places.  Another important aspect in my life is school, I think school is incredibly important and is an amazing opportunity that I refuse to let go.  I work hard everyday to keep up my grades and work for my other ambitions. I’m so proud and happy to be in Ted X Youth and be apart of this amazing project. Working hard for things that interest you is an extremely important aspect and should be taking into consideration with everyone. I hope to one day to become a teacher and teach these important lessons to my students; that hard work and and a love for what you do will go way farther than one thinks.     Mackenzie Gale – Social Spaces Manager I am Mackenzie Gale and I am a Freshman at Eagle Valley High School! I love to be outside and go on adventures! I am a very sociable person who loves to interact with people and make new friends. Not only do I love being sociable, I also love to have fun. It is never good to be bored. I travel all the time and love to experience new kinds of people, different cultures, foods, and exploring! I am very passionate about skiing, water skiing, and SCUBA diving! I am inspired by those who do great things for the world and who teach others to live life to the fullest. I like to have a good attitude and look on the bright side of  life. I am also deeply in love with Larkburger, running, and meeting new people.   Karen Gutierrez – Social Spaces Director    Karen Munoz – Social Spaces Director    Karlina Fedushack – Social Spaces Manager    Sue Aceves – Director of Partnerships My name is Sue Aceves, I am a senior at Battle Mountain High School, and one of the Partnership Directors for TEDx outh@Vail event. I am looking forward to helping be a part of the team that is putting on this event because it will be a great learning experience. This event will definitely push me to the limits of my comfort zone but that’s what is going to make this experience all the more rewarding because I will learn new things about myself that I otherwise would have never known. It will also teach me new skills that will help me in the long run, I am senior as I mentioned never would I have imagined that I would have taken this on but I’m looking forward to the challenge and seeing the end result.     Ashlyn Laidman – Partnership Manager I am a member of the partnership team and a junior at Eagle Valley High School. I decided to join TEDxYouth@Vail because I believe that sharing ideas is what sparks true change. An event such as TEDxYouth@Vail is a great way for the youth in our Vally to voice their thoughts and to be heard. Having been born and raised in Eagle, it is natural for me to love the outdoors. I play softball, snowboard, participate in track, and spend my weekends hiking and biking with my dog, Gracie. When the weather is less than lovely I spend my time reading and baking. I am also a member of the Youth Leadership Council, which is a branch of the Eagle River Coalition, Eagle Valley’s, D.A.D.D (Devils Against Destructive Decisions) club and a Sunday school teacher at Mountain Valley Lutheran Church.   Lily Demuth – Communications Director   Sarah Cotton – Communications Promotions Writer My name is Sarah Cotton and I am a senior at Battle Mountain High School. At school, I am the Senior Class Vice President, a member of the National Honors Society, a Link Crew Leader, and a varsity soccer player. Outside of school, I love enjoying the outdoors, writing, and being creative. I am also heavily involved with a local nonprofit, Children’s Global Alliance (CGA). Over the past three summers, I have travelled to Tanzania, Cambodia, and Morocco where I have taught English and completed various community service projects. This year, I have earned the recognition of a Student Advisor, the highest student leadership position within this organization. During the summer I will be volunteering in Nepal, Cambodia, and Tanzania acting as a leader, support system, and liaison for my three teams. Next, year I will be attending college on the East Coast double majoring in international relations and business while earning a minor in Arabic.   Rose Sandell – Social Media Manager    Yulisa Almaraz – Tickets and Registration Director   Ronaldo Lopez – Tickets and Registration Manager   Ashlyn Marshall – Tickets and Registration Manager   Lydia Ruotolo – Volunteer Director   Aiden Branch  – Volunteer Recruiter    Alejandra Alvarado – Volunteer Recruiter