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12:30 Yoga in the Village | 1:00pm Welcome <R>evolutionaries | 2:00pm Program

Registration 1-2pm, Event Begins at 2pm

<R>evolution is… a journey that endlessly creates itself,

…a continuous cultivation of new abilities, learning, trying, sharpening the senses,

…a grand adventure with symptoms of connectivity, love, sympathy and compassion granting a moral compass to foster intersectional ideating,

…an experience enhanced by action – internal investigations, skillful listening of the spaces in between and exploration beyond borders.

<R>evolution gives rise to a forum of solid deep listening to ideas worth spreading.

Please consider your ticket choice thoughtfully. Funding a student scholarship can be a beautiful gift for our shared future. We are grateful for your generosity!


$100 – (Pre-sale) General Admission

$125 – (Day-of) General Admission

$50 – May Gallery Watch Party (Sessions 3 & 4 only)*

**join us in the Vilar lobby for sweetivities and for the Radicals, Rebels, and Renegades Après TEDxVail Rage

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Registration:  1pm- 2pm

Session One:  Worlds Seldom Seen 2pm – 3pm

Sharpen your senses. Be primed and ready. Defy gravity. Go where you don’t belong. Don’t believe in limits. Leave your mind behind. Rare, behind the scenes vistas of Worlds Seldom Seen lead you to sweet, tender bridges of <R>evolutions again and again re-imagined. Proofed, with your own eyes, your own heart, your own mind. You’ll take an inside slideout approach. This is what EPIC looks like. This is what ah-ha feels like.

britten, Artist-in-Residence

Louis Schwartzberg, Mega-slow, Magnum-scaled Nature Filmmaker

John Quigley, Large Scale Human Artivist

Sarah Parcak | TEDPrize Winner: Archaeology from Space

TEDxYouth@Vail Team

Suzanne Simard | How Trees Talk to Each other

Dominique Sire, Emotional Intelligence Coach

Interactivity:   Snacks and mingling 3pm – 3:30pm

Session Two:   Radicals & Rebels 3:30pm – 4:30pm

For a fully <R>(adiant) evolution, for back-story engineers: Life is all about getting the goods. When a great day hits, they are there. Everybody has a back story. Sometimes heading out of bounds takes us farther than we intended to go: whether it’s to an unXplored zone, a higher elevation or a new perspective. Had a life-altering moment in the backcountry? Send it their way…to the artist wild about creativity, to the diabetes activist, to the unconventional woman worker, or to the round-the-world-do-gooder. Stand up for and with them as these forces of nature say, “Yes, on creativity.” They didn’t invent <R>evolution – they just made it – a wild ride any renegade could take.

Amory Lovins, Founder and Chief Scientist – Rocky Mountain Institute

Meadow Mountain Bluegrass Band

Elizabeth Howe, Vail Mountain Operations Manager

Betsy Ray, Diabetes Advocativist

James Veitch | TED Talk: This is what happens when you reply to spam email

Doron Gazit, Inflatable Climate Artist

Dinner:   Beaver Creek Village Movement Moments 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Your Gallery Xperience is designed to delight you on your <R>evolutionary quest. It’s up to you to add the spice. Make it meaningful, memorable, Xtraordinary in every way. Walk in your shoes in surprise, kindness, wonder, ease, and comfort. So make your move through Beaver Creek Village marvelous. Check your Beaver Creek app for prizes along the way. Local organic foods will be served for dinner.

Session Three:   Dynamic Failure 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Ideas may be too radical and multiple failures may have followed. But it is in the getting up that resilience and strength of these ideas and storytellers are revealed. You’ll hear from students, educators, an adventurer, a soldier, a human resource expert and a collaborative artist. When people stand together with this boldness, turning Dynamic Failures around yields treasures beyond measure. Surprise, these are not political talks nor religious talks, but certainly the evolution of these storytellers will release fresh thinking your way.

Alex Woodard, Letter Sender Singer

Roman Mars | City Flags, Worst Designed Things

Ryan Lupberger, Social Venturer

Bradley Cantrell | Digital Landscapes

Charles Orgbon III, Greening Foward Founder

Interactivity:   Sweets 7:30pm – 8:00pm

Session Four:   Divided We Fall 8:00pm – 9:00pm

When injustice becomes law, <R>evolution becomes duty. You’ll Xperience “otherness” and it’s impact from an author, a journalist, an immigration attorney, and an immigrant. To accomplish Xtraordinary feats, there must be a vision: an unshakable idea that will set the foundation for a future that benefits not just the few, but the many. This type of thinking is now needed more than ever as humanity moves from adolescent to adulthood. Resist assimilation, eradication, and implosion. We are not the first; we will not be the last migrants to this continent.”What happens when Humanity’s lost its way?” Take the road less traveled, it leads to <R>evolution, on the well-worn and beaten path. See it. Get it. Do it. Action! Scale spectacularly.

Mark Gerzon, Reuniter of Sides

Yasmeen Scamahorn, Global Do-gooder


Leezia Dahlla, Migrant Reporter

From Outside

Sheryl Winarick, TED Resident/Immigration Attorney

Monica Araya | Small Country, Big Idea

Dr. Jon Kedrowski, Scaler of Big Ideas

britten/Morgan/Dan Dance

Radicals, Rebels, and Renegades Après TEDxVail Rage

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