Sarah Byrden

Session: Community: Together We Ride

Talk Title: Good sex isn’t about knowing what you’re doing.

“When it comes to sex, we all feel like there is something we’re missing and we’re pretty sure we’re the only one who’s missing that thing. Instead of realizing that everyone feels that way, we think there is something wrong with us. Nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes to sex, we’re all feeling our way in the dark. There is nothing you are supposed to know and there’s nothing wrong with you. Good sex is not about doing something right. Good sex is about learning how to feel and be honest about what that is.”


I’m a sacred sexuality teacher/sex educator who has worked with hundreds of students, ranging in age from 15-80. My work with college students offers them spaces to connect with their humanity and vulnerability around sex, helping bridge the gap between pleasure education and assault prevention on campus.

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