Nasreen Sheikh

Session: Business: Empower Your Empire

Talk Title: Direct Action through Social Enterprise

“If we want heaven on earth we must seek harmony”

My name is Nasreen Sheikh, I am unsure about how old I am because neither birth or deaths records are kept in my village. I grew up in a very corrupt and conservative village near the India and Nepal border, where women have absolutely no rights and lives disadvantage lives. I left my village when I was around 12 years old and moved to Kathmandu Nepal where at a very early age I started to learn different handicraft skills. I was a child laborer in a sweat shop producing goods for export for many years. My family started to arrange my marriage when I was around 18. I was able to escape from this forced marriage with the help of my teacher and friends. I spent years working and putting my focus on the women who needed help most. I have been continuously working to educate as many women as possible. I opened a store in Nepal called Local Women’s Handicrafts and started building a training center for women in 2013.

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