Cristina Mittermeier, 2015 Highlights

Enoughness, how much is enough? Cristina Mittermeier shows her stunning images of indigenous peoples to shine lights on conservation issues and places where healthy ecosystems remain. In 2008, she founded the International League of Conservation Photographers at the 8th World Wilderness Congress in Anchorage, Alaska. Contentment is long lasting and comes from inside. She defines it as an internal yard stick. Humor is a great way of building enoughness. Her images remind us “that when all the rivers have been dammed, and all the forests have been turned into chopsticks, and when the last wild creature has been hunted for their trophy, we will all be a lot poorer.” Enoughness cuts across cultures. A conservationist with a camera and a passionate opinion, Cristina Mittermeier has dedicated her career to convince others of the imperative to protect our planet.

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