The Accidental Explorer | David Thoreson | TEDxVail

“So David, you are from Iowa, how did you get into ocean voyaging around the world? Easy, I met a southern Minnesota hog farmer and the rest is history.”

David Thoreson – A sailor, photographer, writer and speaker who was the first to circumnavigate the American continents by sail boat and photograph an intriguing tale of the changing planet to become The Accidental Explorer.

David Thoreson is a sailor, photographer, writer, and speaker whose work has appeared across a broad spectrum of media from the National Park Service and Smithsonian to the Wall Street Journal and PBS. He works with different environmental organizations on ocean, sea-ice, and climate-change issues. Iowa native David authored One Island, One Ocean chronicling and illustrating the epic journey of the first-ever continuous circumnavigation by sail of the American continents.

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